UR28M and Surround Mixing

Has anybody used the UR28M for basic surround mixing to picture with Nuendo 5.5? I’m very interested in replacing my older Fast Track Ultra and SPL 2830 surround monitor controller with a single piece of updated gear. But before I do, I’d like to know that it’s going to get the job done.

The volume knob lets you control your full 5.1 monitor setup, correct?

Any info is greatly appreciated. I’m mostly doing smaller stuff for “temp” and “festival mixes.”


specs say it has 6 outputs so I’m guessing you can. You can setup the control room to control for additional features.

This will probably not answer your question, but it is somewhat related. I just tried to play a Surround track from Logic to the UR824. It worked great. Six subsequent outputs were automatically assigned to the music program (with the sixth output, the centre channel, not actually playing).

So, the driver is certainly working fine for surround.


Yes, I’ve since purchased this fine piece of gear and am loving it. The trick was to assign output A to mix 1, output B to mix 2, and output C to mix 3. Then by setting up the UR28M’s control panel to “independent” mode, all six channels route individually to their respective outputs with one volume knob controlling the whole kit and kaboodle. Very nice, indeed.