UR28M - anyone using it live for FX on vocals

Hi - anyone using this to add reverb, eq, comp, delay to live vocals?

I’m wondering … is it only possible to pre-program one “scene” of FX - or can one program several for use with different songs, and toggle through them without a computer on stage?

Thanks much for any comments -

I have a UR-44 but while I only use it at home you can create different presets or scenes and safe them within dspMixfx. Since the UR28M is essentialy a desktop USB Audio Interface and you do need the dspMixfx software (although also possible on an iPad) I doubt you can use it without a computer on stage.

Wait… It is class compliant so you should be able to use it with an iPad on stage (so no PC but a tablet).

OK, thanks Spiritos very much.

Looks like I will need a PC or iPad for multiple settings. I believe I can use 1 setting if I preprogram at home. Sort of a pre-amp with fixed reverb, comp, etc.

I might be wrong on that last part also, though.

Thanks again -