UR28m being discontinued?

Hi all, I’ve notice that pretty much everywhere seems to be sold out of the UR28M, does anyone know if there are plans to replace this unit soon?

Hi will_m,

Neither is there a plan to discontinue the UR28M nor to replace it. Where are you living? Maybe we can help you to find a dealer who has it on stock.

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

Hi Stefan, thanks for getting back to me, I have a credit note with DV here in the U.K who were out of stock so I checked around and lots of other dealers seemed to have none either so I was wondering if the stock was being withdrawn due to a new product or whether this was just the last stock before a big U.K bound shipment.

Thanks for putting me at ease over this, its always annoying when a new product is announced just as you get the old one, although I did buy the CC121 after the CMC controllers were released and I’m still really happy with it, as long as driver updates etc are continually released.