UR28M - Cannot route input to cue mix!


Really having fun with the UR28M with Pro 8 and the control room and loving the possibilities.
Problem - I cannot monitor a ‘live’ mic through a cue mix. I can see the activity on the input but whatever I try I can’t get it to the cues mix. (If I play back off the same channel the audio will appear in the cues!)
Any thoughts / help / aspirin?


I encourage people to use Mix 1 and Phones 1 for the Cue as this connection is dedicated i.e. hardwired.
Have you set Independent Mode?
You need to provide more details on your In/Out routing, including those of the Control room.

Thank you for your input.

This is how I have been using the control room up until now …

Hopefully with your information I’ll reconfigure the control room properly :slight_smile: