Ur28m Can't sit flat

Dear Steinberg,
do you know that ur28m could probably has a factory defect? A relevant number of these soundcards has got the same issue: they can’t sit flat on any surface, like an old chair that sit on 3 legs. It’s also reported on this review:

Anyone of the owner noticed that minor problem?

This is for flutter control. :laughing:

I noticed this at first but it seems to have disappeared over use.

In general the quality of it’s workmanship is very good both internal and external. I am willing to accept this minor flaw (which as I said seems to vanish in use, so perhaps it’s a packging or storage issue?) because the function and features are unbeatable in the price range.
If it really bothers you, add extra foam or soft rubber feet, it’s really no biggie.

We have a lot of UR28M here in supportand they all sit flat on the table with all four rubber feet and I haven’t heard from other users so far. Like BriHar wrote, adding something underneath the device might help. If it is bent too much, you should return it for a replacement unit.