UR28M Channel Strip - Only Half Showing

When I try to edit the channel strip on the input channel I only get half view. (See Attachment). I see the compressor but not the EQ. The is no way of resizing to enlarge. It is functional, as turning the dial in the strip does adjust the settings I just can’t see the whole strip. If I insert it, it works.


I have just the same problem, only half the window shows on both the channel strip and the rev-x.

Did you ever find a solution to this problem? In the update history, errors on windows is mentioned, however I am not sure if this relates to this problem.

I have read the documentation for the MR816CSX and cannot find any tips there.


Win7 64bit | Cubase 6.5 | Nuendo 5.5 | Steinberg MR816CSX | Novation 61SL MkII | + +

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Bjørn Helge

No resolution yet. I have an open ticket with support. On-going for almost 2 weeks now but no resolution. I was told this issue was being sent back to the developers.

According to US support this has been resolved now? Apparently, the Novation Automap software caused this. After unmapping, the GUI was back in full.

Let me know if this is solved!

Yes, it was probably my case. While waiting on a reply I discovered that unmapping does correct this problem and informed your support folks. So yes as a Steinberg issue it is resolved.

I now have a case open with Novation awaiting their reply.
Thank you.

It appears Novation Automap was causing the problem. There may be a conflict between the 2 programs. The customer is using Automap 4.3 and has submitted a support ticket to Novation regarding this.

Thank you.

Here is the response I received after contact their support:

This half-hidden interface issue is due to a bug that occurs when you wrap VST3 plug-ins. Currently the only way to fix the graphics problem is to disengage Follow Plug-in. We have made Steinberg aware of this and hope that they will resolve the problem in the near future.
Please contact Steinberg Support to report this issue as the more customers ask about this , the more likely it will be fixed quickly.

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Ben Ware // Novation Technical Support

(End Quote)

This fix that is referred to is useless as you have to do additional keystrokes to get the current VST/FX back in control.
So is this a Steinberg issue or Novation issue?