UR28M clear sound, awful drivers

Where is multichannel windows driver? Not ASIO but WASAPI or DirectSound? How should I watch movies? Put sound in ASIO capable program and sync sound with picture by hand? Or just watch stereo mixdown?
Good, clear sound and crappy drivers - I’ve got several blue screens here already.


no blue screens here.

WASAPI --> is a Windows option

Have a look at your windows sound settings and select the audio driver you want to use. This has nothing to do with the UR itselve, but with the settings you have (not) made in Windows.



In windows sound settings I nave ONLY 2 channel output! NO multichannel one!

I am having the exact same issue. With my M-Audio Profire 610, i was able to choose 10 channel output in Windows and surround sound worked fantastically. But that device was outdated, so I thought the UR28M would be a welcomed upgrade. However, I am now stuck with 2 channel output through DirectSound or WASAPI.

I contacted support and they said I have to use software that supports ASIO. I’m no PC audio guru, but isn’t ASIO supposed to be going the way of the dinosaurs?

All I want to do is watch my movies in full 5.1 surround and take advantage of my sub when listening to music… (And control the volume with y mouse as opposed to reaching over and twisting a knob!) Is that too much to ask?

I guess I’ll look into ASIO4All and hope for the best…

I’ve got 2 weeks while I can still return the UR28M. If I can’t get this thing working by then, I’m going back to the Profire 610. It may have it’s quirks, but at least it’s consistent…