UR28M - Cubase7 - no sound in monitors

After my installation of UR28M the sound is okey from inside Cubase 7 but nothing when I try to go from the HUB to a tutorial on a website i a browser. To be more exakt, I cant get any sounds out of my monitors from outside Cubase 7 and my UR28M, no YouTube, no MediaPlayer, no Spotify, nothing.
I have been searching everywhere (well, somewhere it has to be anyway) but can not how to hear anything.
Its very hard to get something out of the tutorials through the hub as you can understand :slight_smile:

All the best

Try ticking “release driver when application is in background” in Device Setup/VST Audio System

Thanks Grim but I have already done that with no change to the better :frowning:

Hello Peter

I have the same problem…
When I disconnect and reconnect the USB-cable (Cubase 7 is running) I can continue working.

I hope (I’m sure) they 'll fix this!