UR28M - DSP Plugin Windows are cropped in Cubase 7

When I try to spawn/open any of the hardware DSP FX windows from the Mixer Racks the plugin windows are cropped/truncated so that the whole plugin and its settings aren’t visible. I’m pretty sure this is a bug, as I see the same behavior on both Mac and Windows…

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Have you tried expanding the mixer sideways using the “increase channel width” control at the top of the mixer, hope I’m understanding correctly.

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What’s your screen reolution?

Hi Guys - My screen is a 27" iMac - can’t recall exact resolution at the moment, but it is something like 2500x1900 or more? The when I expand the mixer channels and click on the ‘e’ icon to edit the parameters for a Hardware effect like Rev-X or the Morphing Channel Strip, they spawn their own window for each plugin. These windows are not resizeable and they don’t display the full plugin - there doesn’t appear to be anything I can do to fully edit the plugin from that viewport.

Hi thebard

I have a feeling Brihar might have it right, I use the 824 ,screens are a 27 in Samsung and a 23 in Samsung both with screen res of 1980 and 1080, no problems with the hardware plugin window size. It might be worth temporarily changing the screen res to see what happens, if it’s a problem, probably have to report it to Steinberg.



I’ve attached a photo that shows the problem. I tried adjusting the resolution and it didn’t help. If this seems like a legit bug, can someone tell me how to file it?

Doesn’t seem to be a resolution problem then. Have you tried de/re-installing the tools software? I have to say, I’ve never seen this problem myself so a reinstall might be in order.

Think I remember seeing this when I installed the Drivers and Tools from the install disk included in the box. Get thy self round to the update page and install the latest drivers. :slight_smile:

I have same problem now… Help Please…!