UR28M: Engineer/Yamaha presets lost? .ssd files?

Hi - I opened up the UR28M in a “free-standing” mode (i.e., Cubase not on), and saved a configuration, which I called “Listen to Youtube”. So now I can bring that up, or “Initial 1” (the factory default, I can’t remember the exact name).

At one point I saw a whole lot of files, with an .ssd at the end in the Engineer and Yamaha presets, but now the folders are blank, I think I must have erased them by mistake.

On W7 I was able to find them in an older version of the Yamaha/Engineer folders, but find that when I try to load them up in the UR28M, it says, “Wrong file type”. Changing the file types from .ssd to .UR28M didn’t let them load either.

So now I’m way down the rabbit hole, with files renamed, deleted, etc. Why didn’t I do a restore point before doing that stuff, uggh! :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

Can someone a) tell me what all those .ssd files are, are they meant to be loaded in the UR28M?, b) tell me the best way to get things back to how they were before I started mucking around today? I don’t care about the preset I made today, I can reproduce it easily.

Thanks so much for any help …

I don’t believe the UR28M comes with any factory Presets for the DSPMixFX in Standalone.

Thank you, BriHar for your time in responding!

Are you familiar at all with those files I am describing, or how they are meant to be used?

Thanks again -

I’m afraid I never noticed any such files - if everything seems to work after installation, I generally don’t go hunting for problems, so I probably never saw any even if they exist.
If I get a chance, I’ll have a look later. :wink:

Thanks, much! I guess in retrospect it does look like a hunting-for-trouble job, but really I was just trying to store a setting to play music without Cubase having to be on. Then while I was there … the little shiny things just distracted and tempted me to be clicking where I shouldn’t have been :astonished: .


But you are able to save (and recall) your stand-alone presets in the DSPMixFX app yes?

I believe I did that just fine in my last little self-tutorial. I haven’t gone back and checked to see that it is still saved after i turn it off and reboot up, will try to do that later today - thanks!

[EDIT: Yes, I just went and opened up youtube, and it all worked great!]

The SSD files are indeed Presets for the UR, but pertain to the Channel Strip for use in Cubase. :wink:

Aha! I’ll check them out next time, though doubt I will use them unless they sound super sweet.

Thanks again, BriHar!