ur28m for performance to send 3 different signals


I am intending to use my ur28M for performance. I would like to use my protools (DAW) to send out 3 signals.
output1. backing tracks
output2. backing vox
output3. click.

Is there a way that i can use my 3 stereo output to do that >


Yes, this should be no problem. I use my mr816 csx for performance, with different output buses. I didn’t know how to set it up in ProTools. In Cubase I have defined different cue channels, which I’ve routed to the output buses. In the Controlroom/Cue-Mixer you should activate the click on the channels you want to hear it on.

Hello - away from my music computer currently, and I use Cubase, but from within PT you might try routing the btracks to PT output " UR28M Mix 1", the bvox to “UR28M Mix 2”, and the click to “UR28M Mix 3” (if I’m understanding you correctly that you can route the click independently in PT?).

Then you can send each of those UR28M Mixes to some combination of UR28M Outputs A, UR28M Outputs B, UR28M Outputs C (these three by using the buttons on the top of the unit), or S/PDIF out (from within PT).

Which of the UR28M Mixes gets sent out Headphone 2 is controlled with the Hardware control accessed in PT somewhere (at least that is how it works in Cubase). Headphone 1 always gets Mix 1.

Hope that is at least half-way right for PT!


I managed to get the signals into the mix1, mix2, mix3.
However I can’t get the signals out of output A, B, C.
Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 7.53.51 pm.png

Great. First thing turn the big knob up, it looks like it might be turned down a lot (-64 dB).

Then assign each Mix # to each Outpt using the buttons on the front/top of the UR28M. It’s in the manual, or just punch buttons, it’s possible to figure it out that way also.

Finally, look in this same subforum for posts about Independent vs Alternate modes, that can be a little confusing, user “brihar” has posted a lot of good info.

Your screenshot shows you have Alternate mode selected. You need to use independent mode for what you want to do.
Once in Independent mode, Select Output A and then select the Mix you wish to associate with this output. Once done, select the next output B and mix combination, and then again for C. Thereafter, only use the Output selector - as you switch outputs, the mix will automatically switch to the mix you associated it with in the foregoing procedure.