UR28M gives no input signal in Cubase elements 10.5


I upgraded my old cubase 5.5 because of this problem but nothing has changed.

In cubase elements 10.5

  • Studio setup: I see inputs are active
  • Audio connections busses are made correct
  • Making a track, selecting the input, arming the track is oke
  • There is no sign of a signal comming in when I record, nothing happens.
  • On the UR28M I see the input signal
  • Without cubase running I can see the outputs meters on the UR and hear the signal on my speakers
  • With audacity the recording with UR28M works like a charm.
  • When I connect my Behringer Xair live mixer, and use it as an audiointerface, recording in cubase works like a charm.
  • with DspMixFx app everything works fine

What can I do more? I think this UR is not compatible with cubase. How great is that, your own product??

My windows 10 is up to date, latest driver installed, firmware on UR…

Please give me some advise