UR28M. Help needed!


Just wondering if it’s normal that the input levels for inputs 3 & 4 on my UR28M are very quiet. I was under the impression that line level instruments like drum machines and keyboards could be plugged directly into these ports, and that volumes would be identical with those gotten from inputs 1 & 2 (with the preamps turned off obviously).

As it is, I’m struggling to get anything usable through these two inputs. By comparison, inputs 1 & 2, with the preamps turned all the way down, bring in about 60% more volume. What this means to me basically is that I can’t easily record one of my old drum machines with individual outs, because the difference in volumes is massive. Sure, I could quadruple up the tracks coming in off inputs 3 & 4, but it seems to be that this should be unnecessary.

The same drum machine that is uselessly audible on inputs 3 & 4 is clipping on inputs 1 & 2!! Again, this has nothing to do with the preamps, as I have these turned all the way down.

Any help understanding this problem would be much appreciated. I must also say that apart from this issue, I’ve been really enjoying my interface.


Did you apply the latest firmware update?

Main Revisions and Enhancements
V1.00 to V1.10

Added a new function with which the input signal level of LINE INPUT 3/4 could be selected between “+4dBu” and “-10dBV.” The default initial setting is “+4dBu.” To select the input signal level, use the “Setup Window” in the section “dspMixFx UR28M” or the “Settings Window” in the “Dedicated Windows for Cubase Series.” ※TOOLS for UR28M V1.1.0 or later is required before using.

I applied the firmware update yes, and it seemed to install smoothly, but now I’m thinking that I never updated the tools to 1.1 originally, so maybe it’s not working. I followed the instructions to find the place where the +4 dbu option is supposed to be available, but I didn’t see any option. I’ll try it again.

Anyway, I don’t think 4 decibels is going to help much really. I’m just kind of disappointed that the input level on inputs 3 & 4 are so much lower than on 1 & 2. In the diagrams it shows a keyboard plugged into these inputs but my microkorg is having trouble getting any decent volume going in. Sure, I like to record pretty hot, but as it is, I think anyone would need a preamp to make these inputs usable; which is weird, because you don’t need the onboard preamps to make inputs 1 & 2 usable!

What I really want to know is whether or not this is normal? Can any Steinberg person, or someone else with a UR28M let me know please?



Hi There, I have the same situation (wanting to add two keyboards) and just can’t figure out how to get a good volume on inputs 3/4. Did you have any luck resolving your earlier questions? If yes, I’d appreciate if you can share your learnings. Cheers, Roland

Me again. Never mind - I got it sorted out. Cheers, Roland