UR28M Hi-Z clipping

I noticed a particularly annoying issue with my UR28M. Plugging in a guitar with a reasonably hot (passive) treble pick-up results in the clipping of the signal when playing hard. Preamp gain and the PAD button do not have any effect on this, when the signal is low, the clipping is still there, only quieter. The waveform transients appear to be completely cut off regardless of the preamp level. The clipping problem does not occur when the Hi-Z button is not pressed in, so it looks like a problem with the DI section.

Anyone else have the same problem?

Quite a few of us have the same problem with with the UR22, UR28, & UR824. Some people have bought a DI box to inject and it is still a problem. My remedy is to use an EMU 1820m for guitars. I’m starting to think that the caps in these units are not very high quality.

How come that nobody from Steinberg responds to this issue? These units have been marketed as high quality units, supplied with great converters and state-of-the art Yamaha preamps. Clipping occurring with electric guitar under normal conditions (applying proper gain staging for incoming levels) should not be an issue with any high quality interface.

If a person cannot avoid this clipping even by using quality external DI boxes there should be done something about it. I heard recordings from dirtswitch and they really sound badly clipped despite using nominal incoming level far under -6 dBFS. If there is a problem in an analog signal path causing these issues, the units should have been upgraded by Steinberg.