UR28M - Input 01 is dead

Hi guys,

It seems like there’s a big problem on the input 1 of my UR28.

Last night I made a recording with the unit, mic plugged into input 1, everything fine. Today I went to continue the continue the recording, hooked up the mic and no sound. Checked all the possible windows/drive/cubase configs and nothing wrong - so I then ejected the UR from the computer to check it out as a standalone mixer. No sound either. Dead silent.

Input 2 is fine. Getting signal, recording everything. Outputs are also fine. I can work with DAWs without any problems.

I think I have a faulty hardware at my hands right now. The card is just over an year old.


Thanks in advance.

Update: If I crank the input knob all the way up, the meters show something at very low levels. So it isn’t completely dead, but it is definitively not usable.

Update 2: Went further into testing and made a recording on the faulty input. It barely hits -50dbfs on Cubase with the input knob cranked all the way up and speaking VERY close to the mic.

I turned up the gain on Cubase to be able to listen to what was recorded, and it sounded OK. No weirdness or distortions or anything.

I’m assuming there’s a faulty-something on that input that makes it feed the mic with very low levels.

Certainly sounds like a HW defect.

Yes, unfortunately…

Did one more test, using TRS instead of XLR and the behaviour was exactly the same - very, very low levels coming in even with the input cranked all the way up.

I already emailed my local Steinberg and Yamaha representatives and I’ve also opened a support ticket on steinberg.net…their response will be crucial on deciding if I’ll ever buy another Steinberg product. I’m very concerned about it, as Steinberg does not have a stellar reputation when it comes to customer service… :frowning:

I have exactly same problem, this is reply from Steinberg.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re device is defective.

Attached you’ll find our ‘Device Repair’ form that you need to fill out and send to Audio Service at: mail@audio-service.com
All other details regarding shipping address and invoicing will be handled by Audio Service directly.

I have not done it yet

cheers Mick

“Exactly same problem”…this is quite concerning. I’m wondering about how good is Steinberg’s QA.

Same happened to me. :frowning:

It’s not that the-20dB pad button is down?

Also, did it happen right after a W10 update … maybe it’s a driver issue?

Neither of these is the issue. Seems like hardware. Interesting that the same thing has occurred in these 3 units.

Absolutely. Also that there has not been a flood of complaints here about similar issues. I would have expected more if this was a typical manufacturing issue.

I’ve had mine about two years without problems, but not many hours used in those two years compared to someone who runs a working studio, etc.

I’ve had mine for 2.5 years with very infrequent use. New condition so it’s a little disappointing.

Almost same here, only difference… Input 2 is dead ??? Nothing, I tried everything!

Same here… It was fine and now input 2 is gone. 3 and 4 have very little levels… I have 2 UR28M and BOTH have the same crap!
I think I’m at my last mile with Steinberg interfaces. This is ridiculous Steinberg. I can no longer tell people to buy this frigging thing…

Close to same thing for me. If I havent used the ur28m for a some time, Inputs work a few seconds then fade away. And Steinberg wont help me with this problem.

I have the same nonsense on input 2 on one unit and both inputs on another unit… I have talked to their tech and one said: “that’s the user’s fault”.
That we hot swap cables (While Phantom Power is on) that UR28M have no protection but the new UR models do have protection.
And I say it’s a lame excuse. “we have no records of people reporting this problem” right there, that’s a BS lie! Liars liars… How do you know for sure it’s us breaking the machine???

Told the guy you should go visit the forum before you give me lame excuses… Everyone I know that has this unit has experienced this same BS problem…

I’m not in the mood to send these units to be checked up, $60 each for diagnose and then $90 per hours hmmm! IF you do not agree to get it fixed, you get charged $60. We may just go with other brands.


Are you freaking kidding me???

I’m afraid I have the same issues on input 1 of my UR44. Sad thing is I hardly or never plug in or pull out a XLR cable. In the 1-2 years I have it it can’t be more than 20-30 times (and always with phantom power off). I still need to check properly but if it turns out the input is broken indeed it will be the last Steinberg product I buy EVER again since the lack of proper support and the low input gains combined with failing hardware is too much to bare.