UR28M insert external compressor

Thinking of buying one of these units but I need to have inserts points so I can use my external compressor with my microphone. Surely there must be this facility?
Any advise would be appreciated.

Nope, no inserts. External mic pre>Comp>line in, that’s how I do it. But then my converters don’t have mic ins anyway.

Hmmm, that kinda defeats the object if I have to get an external mic pre…shame.
Thanks for your comment, appreciate it.

Presumably you could route like this?:

Mic > Input1 > (route to output 1) > hardware compressor in > hardware compressor out > input 2
Then track recording input 2.

You could set up an external plugin in Cubase to allow you to control gain either side of the hardware compressor.

Setup a project and input/output templates to support this then switch to your usual mixing ones afterwards.