UR28M: Integrated Cubase tools keep disappearing

Hello all,

I just bought an UR28M two days ago and already find myself troubleshooting quite a bit. This biggest issue is this:

1) With the UR28M turned ON, I work on a project in Cubase (6 or 7) and save it and quit Cubase. No problems.
2) With the UR28M turned OFF, I now reopen Cubase. This is where the problems begin. The UR menus and mixer/mixconsole tools have (as one would expect) disappeared. BUT: when I now TURN ON the UR28M, the menus do not reappear. In fact, they do not EVER reappear, not even if I quit Cubase and reopen it. Computer restart doesn’t help either. THE ONLY THING THAT WILL BRING BACK THE UR28M TO A WORKING STATE IN CUBASE IS A REINSTALL OF THE “TOOLS FOR UR28M” software. Please note that an uninstall is not needed - only a reinstall.

This is 100 % reproducible on newest tool software (1.1.3 for Mac). I’m on Mac, OS X 10.7, macbook pro 2010.

This is extremely disappointing, and I need some kind of answer to the issue, or I have simply got no other choice than to give it back to the store and get something else. BTW: I think the sound quality is absolutely great! But the drivers…

Thanks in advance.


PS: it’s not actually true that there are no problems when I quit Cubase, because it often times reports that some kind of video service is not responding or something. But that’s a minor issue compared to this.

That is definitely not normal behaviour. But I would suggest in conjunction with your other problem that this is perhaps more an issue with the Cubase installation.
If your project was created with the UR28M in use, if the device was not turned on when you start Cubase, the missing ports window should pop up. Close this window, turn om the UR28M then open the Device Setup window. Open the VST Audio System Device and choose the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO driver and close the window. You will now have to open the VST connections window and reestablish your connections particularly the outputs if you’re using the control room features.
It really is imperative that you establish a start up sequence of devices before starting up Cubase. The case is even worse with MIDI devices because then you do have to reboot Cubase.

@ BriHar

Thanks for your suggestions and guidance. Will try that and report back!

@ BriHar

Here are my experiences:

Once I re-choose the UR28M (when it’s turned on) in Device Setup -> VST Audio System, Cubase needs to be restarted and then it all seems to work perfectly again (so far).

So, I guess the important thing here is: always go to Device Setup and re-choose your preferred audio interface when it has been disconnected or turned off (while Cubase has been opened), because Cubase automatically defaults to a different sound card when it detects that the previous device was not available.

Thanks a lot! What a relief that the UR28M actually seems to work as expected.


Glad it’s sorted, perhaps make a sign temporarily reminding you to turn on the UR first :wink:

In regards to have to restart Cubase, I had originally assumed this too, but as I was writing my previous answer to you I was actually explicitly testing this out, and found it not necessary to reboot Cubase nor reopen the project. I’m running 64 bit in case that may be a difference.