UR28M - latency and "legacy" questions

Hi Guys - I’m looking into this unit as a possible interface for a new rig I’m hoping to get … can you help out with a few questions please?

  1. What is the smallest buffer size/shortest measured latency you guys are getting on the UR28M?

(If you could also say how powerful your computer is, that would be great also) …

  1. Do you think Steinberg will keep updating the UR28M’s drivers, firmware, etc. as needed for a good long period of time? I know they just came out with the UR44, and I remember old threads where people complained about Steinberg hardware being “abandoned” (Midex? … Houston? …, sorry I can’t quite remember which). So, would it be a big risk to buy the UR28M now?

  2. I see that the UR28M (version 2.0.1) is listed as compatible with Windows 8.1 ( https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/steinberg-product-compatibility-info-regarding-microsoft-windows-81 ). Has anyone had problems using the UR28M with Windows 8.1?

And in general … what do you like about using the UR28M … what do you wish was different?

Thanks for your advice and perspective -