UR28M mix problem

UR28M connected to MAC via USB
UR28M connected to guitar processor AXE FX 2 via S/PDIF in.
UR28M connected to Mic via line in 2.
UR28M connected to powered reference monitor via TRS out.

I want to organize mix1, mix2 and mix3 as follows.

Mix1: Only computer sounds are open such as youtube, facebook, mp3 or movie player i mean system sounds.
Not S/PDIF and Mic.

Mix2: Only computer sounds and S/PDIF are open.
Not Mic.

Mix3: Only S/PDIF is open.
Others closed.

when i try to do this i face the problem that computer sounds come to Mix1 only. Computer sounds are not heard on Mix2 or Mix3. Why?

Any idea?



Hi Saudek -

  1. How are you routing “computer sounds” to Mix 1 and Mix 2? Others can help more, but if you’re using Cubase the way I might do that would be to route directly to Mix 1 (as you must be doing already?), and then use a pre-fade send to a group that in turn is routed to Mix 2.
  2. You say that you don’t want anything but S/PDIF going to Mix 3, but you ask why computer sounds are not heard on Mix 3 … that part I’m confused about, sorry.

Hopefully this serves as a little bump for someone else to chip in and help too!

Hi Alexis
Thank you for reply.

  1. I don’t use Cubase so i wonder how i can route computer sounds to mix1 and mix2 simultaneously in dspMixFx?
  2. Yes you’re right. I can mute all except S/PDIF.

i found this link about item 1

Glad you found that link, I was about to post it myself.
You say you’re not using Cubase, so we’ve no idea what your actually trying to accomplish, specifically to offer alternatives. As you may now be aware, the UR series was designed specifically as an Audio Interface to DAW Software - Cubase in particular. If you can’t adjust your requirement to work within the parameters of the UR design spec, you may need to use a different Interface.

So i gave an order for apogee quartet. I’m gonna sell-out ur28m.