UR28M Monitoring question - Cubase 6.5

I just got my UR28M, replacing my old MOTU, and cannot get it to do one thing –
Monitoring is ALWAYS on. Whether I check direct monitoring or not, whether the Cubase track monitor is checked or not, all inputs are constantly monitoring.

What am I doing wrong? The DSPMixFX software doesn’t seem to be working with Cubase open.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Anybody?? No one able to mute their monitoring?

Are you using the control room?

I’m not.

The DSPMixFX is intended for use by all other DAW programs as well as any audio programs on your comp. It’s basically like any other audio hardware driver in that sense. Special Cubase drivers are installed for use in Cubase itself. That is why the DSPMixFX doesn’t work when Cubase is running - this is normal.
In Cubase you should enable and setup the control room to get full advantage of the unit.

Thanks for the reply BriHar. I tried control room before and just didn’t like it. I’m surprised this can’t be resolved without control room. Have been using Cubase this way for 15 years now until I bought this unit.

I know how you feel, in the same boat so to say. Prior to buying the UR28M I never saw any point in using the Control room feature. But try it and soon you’ll find it indeed has some advantages.

Ignore what I previously said regarding enabling the Control room for optimum use of the UR28M - it’s not true! It works just fine without, and in fact because it does a number of things in hardware which the CR emulates in software, it makes using the CR rather superfluous - probably why it comes bundled with Cubase Artist (which has no CR).