UR28M - Mono Mix - no level compensation


UR28M - when you press Mono Mix, no compensation levels, mix sounds louder. You can make changes to the firmware? Also there is a mono headset, which is not always convenient.

Sincerely,Vladimir Matviychuk.

Is that not one of the reasons we do a mono check - to check for summing problems? Perhaps some of the tracks need to be panned or balanced differently. Can also be a problem if too many tracks are recorded stereo instead of mono.
Whether the summing is acceptable is your call as mix engineer (or producer).

As for mono headphones signal (when in mono mode), I’ve never found this especially inconvenient. I’m not too sure what you mean by this statement however - are you saying one of the phone outputs is always mono, regardless of mode? This would be a defect IMO.

Hi, BriHar!

Thanks for the reply.I just created a stereo file from a mono file - both channels are identical. Check it out button mono. The problem of raising the level remained. That is, it’s not my incompetence as a sound engineer.

I have a monitor controller Sunet StudioCenter Project http://www.sunet.md/rus/studio_center_project Its mono button works properly, the level is constant. I would like to UR28M worked so well :slight_smile:

Headphones. They are always in stereo, regardless of the position of the button mono. But I would like to modes can be changed from the control panel - the same as now, and another button to mono worked through headphones.

Sincerely,Vladimir Matviychuk.