UR28M new dsp fx guitar do not work for me.

I was so happy when i see this newguitar fx, and more happy when i realise i can use them with the onboard dsp from my tr28m.

But after i have installed them they only work for me inside cubase, as an insert pluggin.

When i try to use them as a direct monitoring they on the ur28 mixer are only loading and not working, as in the picture.

I use the 64 bit version.

Can anyone help me with this problem.

I have installed the latest updates, still the same problem.

Another forum member pointed out to me that the amps need to be accessed from a MONO input channel. They are not available from stereo inputs. I had the same problem as you and this approach solved the problem.

thank you for the information, but…
i have inserted them on mono channels not working for me…And i get a messege, not all the time " something like this “not enough memory to load!”

Maybe it is something wrong with my ur28m!

Thank you!

By the way i use 64 bit version!

I have tried everything.
For me they are not working, on dspfx not at all, in cubase only i can here them after i record something with them inserted on the mono input channel.

I hope i am the problem but now i do not see how?
Need some extra help please!!!

i have cubase 7, 64 bit, pc, ur28m…

Do Not Work for me!!!
Please Steinberg do something!
Thank you!

Hi sorin,

Have you loaded Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strips in other channels?
Please be aware that only a limited number of Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strips can be used when using the Guitar Amp Classics at the same time because of the limited capacitiy of the dsp.
You can find more information in the updated manual.

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

Hi Stefan,
Thank you for suggested me that, but i did not activate any other channel strip, as it can be seen in the picture i have attached up!
Do not know what to try anymore!
Thank you!

Hi Stefan,
I saw you did a update for this!

Just to let you know it works for me now!
Thank you!

One more thing,
I have some clips when i use windows medei player, yiutube, etc…after this upgrade install.
Can you check this please?
Thank you!

soryy for my bad writing, i have a bad keyboard

repaired with a windows restart!
All good

all these posts without even restarting windows ?

not all the last 3 of theme.