UR28M - normal to hear input audio with trim down fully?

Hi - with the input 1 trim all the way down, I can still hear input through headphones 1. As well, there is audio activity in the Hardware 1 (going through the First Neutrix connector).

Doesn’t make sense to me that is a great way to work … are others seeing the same thing, and is it really not too big a deal?


The “trim” control to which you refer is actually a variable “gain” control. For a particularly hot signal, use the pad control to reduce the input level by 26dB. See the manual Pg. 7-8.
Furthermore, Mix 1 is hardwired to Phones 1, so to decrease the input in the phones, lower the channel 1 fader for mix 1.

Thanks, BriHar. Very different from my previous interface, where turning the knob all the way down meant no audio was making it in. No biggie!