UR28M not recognized by Ipad

Hi, I just got my first Ipad Air 2 and I want to connect it to my UR28M but I get this message
Cannot Use Device Steinberg UR28M: The connected device is not supported…
Can anybody help me, it is my first time using an Ipad.
I was reading something about Class Compilant Mode?, is that a setting I need to change ?


Please have a look at the UR28M manual on page 31 that shows up with a connection example for the iPad:

Some important notes:

  • Please make sure to use Apple’s original adapter (Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit/ Lightning - USB Camera Adapter) when connecting the audio interface with the iPad
  • In case, you run an older UR28M device (before Oct 13) it might be required to update its firmware UR28M Updates and Downloads | Steinberg
  • Give it a try to shut down the iPad (“slide to power off”) and restart the device before connecting the audio device

Hope that helps,