UR28M on a M1 silicon Apple

While this is awesome, @Ed_Doll @Steinberg_Service why keep us waiting for months in answering for a work around like that, if this was possible from the very beginning?!? I’m waiting since December for an answer how to install. Very poor customer support.

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The class compliant solution is a rather unofficial one, and we focussed on the release schedule for the official drivers.

how does it work?

You don’t need to install any driver. Just hit the power button while you hit the output 3 button and bam. For me doesn’t work the first time so I have to close it normally and do the same movement again.

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I’ve tried this workaround. Does not work. The input and output do not flash. That’s really frustrating. I’ve followed the instructions exactly as in this video: [Tutorial merekam multitrack di iPad menggunakan Steinberg UR28M dan UR824]

Is the latest Big Sur that has the issue. The workaround is:

  1. Keep pushed output 3 + power until the soundcard turn on.
  2. Turn off the sound card
  3. Do again the 1st step.
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No way…does not work at all :sob: