UR28M -outboard micpre spdif quality question?


Have any of you used some mic pres with the UR28M spdif inputs? Have you done comparisons how much better quality it is compared to stock pres? Kind of a vague question but you´ll get the point.

I´ve been thinking about focusrite ISA one with the AD card. Second option would be GAP 73 mic pre through the line input of the ur28m.

I have no experience with this but am contemplating pre-amps for the UR44 cause of low input gain.
However I’m thinking a Triton FetHead http://tritonaudio.com/fethead.html.

Is your priority quality or gain? The pre-amps in the UR series are praised alot so I suppose this justifies the price-range of your two options but still… they’re more expensive than your AI.

Also, I’ve been having this weird discussion with Steinberg support asking about pre-amps. First of all, they won’t/can’t give advice about other products but secondly (and this is the weird part) they say you can’t bypass the internal pre-amps but this seems odd to me. Yet, it’s their official response so something to consider…