Ur28m output question?

Hi i just got my Steinberg ur28m and i think its a great product so far!

I’m a streamer on twitch, I send live audio & video to the internet that people watching.
I have a 2 PC setup right now where the audio from my gaming pc is going trough an hdmi cable to my streaming pc!
And the steinberg is connected t my streaming pc trough usb!

And i got input on the back 2 mono contacts from steinberg into my gaming pc to get audio to my headphones that is connected to my steinberg aswell!

Now to my question. My EQ and compressor is very good in my headphones when i monitor my own voice.
But for the people it sounds diffrent. The EQ and compressor is there but it’s not the same good EQ and compress.

I was wondering if it’s possible to do so the people that are watching hear exactly what i hear in my headphones?
In that way they hear my game volume and my voice on one channel right?

Is there anyway my streaming pc can monitor my headphones? In that case it will be easier for me to know if the game volume is louder than my voice etc!

What happend if i plug in from my output level on my steinberg and into my streaming pc?
Will that send out all the stuff that’s going on into my streaming pc?

Long to short story!

What will people hear if i plug in line in on my streaming pc from my outputs on my steinberg?
Will they hear the same that i hear in my headphones?

Kind regards,