UR28M output to amplifier

Hi all,

I have Pascal S-Pro2 amplifiers, and they have input impedance of only 2,2 kohm.
I also use a lot of eq, and in order to avoid digital clipping, and still maintain enough output to the amplifiers, I need a strong output section.

Will the output section in steinberg UR28M be strong enough to drive a Pascal S-Pro2 without a buffer/preamp in front.

Right now I use Asus Xonar u7, and the 1 volt output is not enough to recover the loss I have, due to + 15 dB eq. I don’t raise 15 dB, because I then have digital clip, but I lower the rest with 15 dB, and then I need to be able to boost this up in the preamp output section of my soundcard. With the Asus soundcard I can’t push the amp very hard.

I can see the Zout for UR28M is 75 ohm which is good, and is have +16dBu max output. In theory this should be enough, but have anyone here any experience?