UR28M problem: 5.1 Not Working (Anyone using CS6 or Vegas?)

*** UPDTAE: Looks like my hardware is bad. See my final comment. ***

Just setup a new UR28M on a Windows 8.1 64bit machine and 5.1 monitoring is not working. I’m using the latest firmware and tools/driver.

I’ve tried multiple audio and video editing applications, both Adobe CS6 and Sony Vegas/Acid. I’ve tried switching “OUTPUT MODE SELECT” between “Alternate” and “Independent” in dspMixFx. I’ve been sure to assigning the audio device to the Steinberg USB ASIO driver and assign the channels to the 1, 2 and 3 mixes,as these do appear in the hardware setup windows for each editing software. The issue is I either only get sound out of the L and R speakers or I get sound out of all speakers even when I shouldn’t.

Also, I noticed that when I play non-ASIO two channel audio with “Independent” set, I get sound from ALL speakers all the time. Shouldn’t it direct two channel audio only to the L and R front speakers?

The only aspect that seems to work is the standard “Alternate” setting to switch between three sets of two speakers. I can press the Mix button to switch between speaker sets. I just can’t send 6 channel audio to their individual speakers.

I’ve setup surround editing without trouble using different equipment in the past.

So, am I missing a technique somewhere, is there a hardware or software problem, or are these known driver issues?

Hi, The first thing I would suggest is to make your routings and scene settings in dspMixFx - then save your settings before opening your DAW… hope that helps.

The only OUTPUT routings available in dspMixFx I see that effect the output to the speakers is the OUTPUT (A/B/C) MODE SELECT which can be “Alternate” or “Independent” plus the ability to link/unlink the OUTPUT LEVEL for A/B/C.

Is there somewhere else that allows changing how you route to each of the six output channels?

Default routings show up, but don’t work correctly in any software. Anyone else using the UR28M for 5.1 with Windows 8.1?

After setting dspMixFx , then set your routings/busses in your DAW. Should work then.

Sounds like I’m doing everything I need to do, it’s just not working correctly.

Anyone else have Adobe CS6 and/or Sony Vegas working for 5.1 under Windows 8.1 64bit? Just want to know it’s possible to get it working before spending another day messing with it. Even if you don’t have a solution it is useful to know other people have the UR28M working for surround editing in CS6 or Vegas or any other program for that matter.

You have to route your signals to the 3 mix L/R outputs, and then wire your speakers (speaker amps) to the six outputs of the UR28M having the Mode in Independent (Output level link usually off).
I’m not familiar with either of your programs, but if you can see the three mix outputs in your software then it should be possible.
Example using Cubase: I make 6 Mono tracks and decide ahead which track is which 5.1 channel. I then route these tracks to their respective outputs e.g. Front left & right to Mix 1 Left & right respectively (this ensures too that any signal feeding into the 2TR inputs also play out of the F-L/R speakers). Next the Rear L/R to Mix 2 L/R, then Center and Sub to Mix 3 L/R. I then wire to A Outs to F-L/R speakers, B Outs to R-L/R and C Out L to Center speaker and C Out R to the Subwoofer. Finally, route the mixes to the outs using the Mix select and Output select buttons (select mix 1 and press Output A, then Mix 2 and press Out B etc.)
This should work provided you can route to the 3 mixes independently in your software.

In addition, be aware that the Headphone 1 output will always have the Mix 1 L/R pair so if arranged as above will always be the F-L/R. The Phones 2 can be switched between any of the mix pairs.

Looks obvious that I have defective hardware.

Ran a test sending audio to a single output. dspMixFx shows audio going out only on that one channel, yet I’m getting audio out on multiple channels. I tested with a single connect, moving the jack from output to output just to make sure there was no question it wasn’t working. The sound coming out does not match what dspMixFx levels show.

Don’t see how it could be anything but bad hardware. Nothing I can do on my end. Called support and had them sign onto my machine, but they couldn’t help.

But which Hardware?

Please describe your monitor system. Is this 5 separate speakers plus sub, each with it’s own individual, integrated amplifier, or is it a single 5.1 amplifier/sound system with speaker outputs?