UR28M s/pdif-in no sound in cubase??

Got my UR28M today and hooked up my Motif XS to the digital input. At first it worked fine and I could hear the sound from the synth in the monitors as I played.

However, when using Cubase no sound is heard from the Motif at all. Got it connected properly, midi is syncing and all seems to be working but I hear no sound. None of my old tracks produce any sound although all seems to be working.

Am i missing something? Do i have set up the buses in cubase in some special way or is there a special procedure to get the digital input to send to monitors in Cubase? Audio is working fine and sounds great so no problem there.

Im using Cubase 5.5.3 32bit on a 64bit Windows 7 by the way.

Also, I’m geting a lot of background-noise from the monitors, even with the level down to minimum. Didnt get this with my old digital mixer unless i raised the main to max… is it supposed to be this way?