UR28M - Saving Power on/off status

Hello Guys,

I use a power filter that starts my studio gear in the right sequence (using power-up delays). I don’t seem to find a setting for my UR28M to remember its power on/off state. Meaning that if the unit is powered on and I have a power outage, I want the unit to automatically turn back on when the power is back.

Here is my use: I have ONE device (a power filter where my keyboards, amps, audio interfaces, etc. are all connected to). It starts all of my connected gear one by one - and in the right sequence (to avoid blowing speakers or sensitive devices) and it powers down all that stuff in reverse order. That works for all of my gear, except for a few devices that have power on/off switches that cannot be set manually to a consistent on or off state.

Is there a way to configure that on the UR28M or a trick to mimic it? Or are there plans to provide an update that makes that happen as part of the dspMixFx UR28M interface?

Thanks much and cheers, Roland