UR28M Software

In the advertising for the UR28M there is a picture of Wavelab (possibly LE or elements) I did not receive a copy when I purchased the UR28M.

Please advise,


I think you’re referring to Cubase AI which is included and can be downloaded from your “My Steinberg” account when you register the UR28M.


No I am refering to Wavelab LE7 see the link and the picture. I thought it was included.



I’m afraid it isn’t. You shouldn’t always trust on pretty pictures. The sale on Amazon clearly states:

and nothing more.

In my country that Amazon sale would be illegal, though. If you display something which is not included in the product, you must clearly state this, like “WaveLab shown here only as an example of software you can use. It’s not included in real product”.

Gotta say that is not ethical. You as a company should not stand for this deception and pull your affiliation.