UR28m source select & MixES explanation needed. Please Help

I have the UR28m and I am using Cubase 10 pro, OS Win 10 pro.
I like the UR28m but do not understand how to use the source select and the mixes A, B, C
I have got a complete mental block with these and what they are used for, or the different things you can use them for.
The manual is horrible in explaining them.
Could someone please take the tyime to explain them for me. I would greatly appreciate it.

  • tODD

You can have 3 different mixes and assign them into Mix 1 , 2, 3 to compare them. Do an A/B/C to check which one sounds better for example.
The Output A B C is used to connect different set of speakers and you can select which will be playing. It is nice if you have a pair of big speakers on A and a pair of smaller speakers on B and check how your mix translates between the two pairs. Pretty cool !.

How do you assign them? I’m sorry, I really don’t have any business owning this unit. I’m completely green when it comes to recording . I have Cubase 10 pro, the UR28M, and a computer built from scratch for great audio production. But engineering is fricking hard! Even with great equiptment. Probably harder because its more sophisticated.

click on mix 1, set everything as you like it, then click mix 2 and set that as you want it. Nothing more to it than that:)