UR28M stand alone use?

Hi, looking at buying a UR28M, there is still one thing I would like to confirm before ordering. Maybe someone here could help me?

Can the unit be set up for stand alone use as follows: Using the dspmixfx software, configure one of the Guitar Amp Classics on e.g. input 2 and route it in one of the mixes. Will I be able to use the amp modelling setup after unplugging the USB cable and power cycling the unit?

Also, can the Rev-X be set up in a similar fashion for use as an outboard reverb?

Thanks a lot in advance, I’ve been searching everywhere for an answer without luck!

Yes your presets will be “as you set them” in stand-alone use. I’m sure you understand that these cannot be tweaked without running the DSPMixFX software.
It might interest you to know that subsequently using the unit in conjunction with Cubase, will not affect your stand-alone presets :wink:

Very cool, thank you!

Always trying to kill two birds with one stone, I’m looking to use the UR28M as an offline monitor controller in my studio, using it as a small sound card at home and the thought of also being able to use it as a practice amp at home, i.e. not requiring a computer at all if I don’t want to, appeals greatly to me! Have I mentioned that I’m a big fan of do-it-all devices? All hail the smartphone! :slight_smile:

It sounds like this really device actually will do all those things, that’s amazing. I’m sure I’ll find some quirks that aren’t perfect when I use it in everyday life but that’s good enough for me! I’m off to find a good deal on one!