UR28M strange unbalanced monitor output

Hi there!

I´m using a UR28M and I´ve just plugged in my studio monitors (Alesis M1 Active 520USB) through Output A (1/L 2/R) with a pair of balanced TRS cables. But the signal on the 1/R is weaker, like it´s panned to the left. I´ve checked the monitors, they´re fine as far as I can tell. If I keep the cables in the UR plugged in but switch the R/L inupt in the monitors the left speaker gets the weak signal, so the problem is definitely in the UR28M. I get the same effect if I switch to Output B or C. And the headphone output on the UR28M is in balance :confused: . Does anyone have an idea whats going on here?


I’m having a very similar problem with mu UR28M. I had to disconnect my setup whilst painting my studio room. However when I put it back together I now have a very mono sounding mix coming through both speakers. I have 2 rotokit6 monitors connected to the UR28M via unbalanced speaker cables and everything was working perfectly before i disconnected it. Also now the master volume dial(master volume)doesn’t work at all and I can only control the volumes of each channel separately via the phones 1 and phones 2 dials.

Update: The balance is in order and the problem is gone. I have no idea how, but everything is fine now. Maybe i managed to reboot it unknowingly :confused: . Peace.