ur28m suggestions, for the future

I like what you did with the new guitar amps!

Before this ur28m i had a tc impact, what i am missing from that? The buil in tuner, for guitar and bass!

And a bass amp will be welcome!

Thank you

Yeah a Bass amp would be good. I wouldn’t use it personally as I find some of the current amps cold ,but what the hey :slight_smile:

I’d like to see a nice transparent limiter though I think more than anything.
Perhaps one that does some magic to the mix/track, much like the Sonnox Oxford Limiter, which is lovely.
Perhaps some mastering tools.
Probably asking a bit much but I think Steinberg could be on to something if they grabbed this DSP thing and ran with it in the same fashion as the companies who make amp models have…

I know nothing about the DSP tech other than it’s a dedicated chip but it would be great if they opened it up to 3rd party plugins in Cubase.

Nice said!
I would love that to, but, with what cost?
I have limited myself for something “must have” on a dspfx.
For the moment!
Regards Harry sound!