UR28M - too old?

Cubase 8.5 user here. For the first time I wanna get myself a Steinberg interface. I kinda like the integration you get with Cubase and their interfaces

So - unfortunately the UR824 is out of my league. Too big for my wallet…

I’m deciding between the UR44 or the UR28M

My only gripe with the UR28M is that it is a bit old now… I mean - not technology wise but I hate the idea of buying things and seeing them being discontinued a few months later. That usually means end of driver support and such.

Whats your thoughts on it? It came out in late 2011

I think you should look at your needs. The UR44 has 4 mic inputs and the UR28M for eg. only 2.
Other than that I can’t say anything about continuity but personally I can’t imagine support being terminated soon.

The UR28M can do a lot of stuff none of the other UR interfaces can do, it’s quite unique in comparison with the rest of the URs. I have a UR28M and a UR44, and the 28 is my workhorse for use in my Project studio - the 44 I use with my laptop.
As Spiritos said above, “look at your needs”, and then check out the feature palettes of the UR family

Yes, the UR28M has a slightly different approach indeed. And as all UR Series interfaces are based on the same Yamaha Steinberg USB driver, it’s gonna be supported for quite some time to come.