UR28M: Turn off direct monitoring when not in Cubase


I’m trying to run IK Multimedia’s ARC 2 software. They require that you turn off direct monitoring. As far as I can tell, it cannot run when Cubase is open.

The problem is, although I can turn off direct monitoring within Cubase, as soon as I close Cubase, direct monitoring is turned on again (i.e., signal from the microphone goes straight to the speakers). There seems no way to turn it off in dspMixFx.

Does anyone know how I can turn off direct monitoring, or is there another way I can run ARC 2? Or am I missing something simple?


Normally, Direct Monitoring is more a function of the host program. I’m not personally familiar with ARC Software (I know what it is however) so I’m not sure if it can address ASIO Drivers - even if it can, the UR28M is a bit of a special beast in this regard. I offer the following suggestion for you to try - not being on my system at the moment, i can’t verify this solution for you.
Set the UR28M in Independent Mode. Switch to MIX1 and turn the input faders down so there is nothing being registered from the mic on the Master channel. The Signal from ARC should be adjustable with the DAW Fader, and register in the master. Now set up MIX2 and turn the DAW fader down and the input (specifically the input(s) you wish to use) up.
The signal from ARC is being fed from the USB through the DAW channel to your MIX1 which should be bound to your (e.g.) A output channels. The microphone will be sending to MIX2 which should be bound to your e.g. B output channels. You need to connect your monitors to the A outs (which they probably already are) and tell the ARC software to listen i.e. record from channel B (L or R).
I hope this helps and doesn’t start your head a-spinning :wink:

I followed your directions and it worked! Thank you, you have been very helpful.

You’re most welcome.
Glad it worked. :slight_smile: