ur28m upgrade from ci1

hi, i want to upgrade to a ur28m from a ci1, can anyone tell me if the quality will be noticeably better? or is it more of a feature upgrade? i record mostly vocals btw. thanks!

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I’ve never used the ci1, so can’t speak to the preamp and adda quality vis-a-vis ur28M.

But … why do you want to upgrade to the ur28m? If it’s because of features, I think you can rest assured the quality won’t be WORSE than the ci1 … at best it would be the same (and probably better) than the ci1 - and that probably holds true for the alternate “new” UR-44 unit as well (not sure about the UR-22 pedigree, when it came out relative to the ci1).

So since it has more features than the ci1, why not just upgrade now? (Then you can compare and report back here so the next guy will know for sure!).

I’m just starting out using the UR28M, and am happy with it. There are 1 or 2 expert UR28M users on this forum, who you will be able to identify easily with a quick scan of the forum - they are pro engineers (unlike me), and if they’re happy with the UR28M’s quality, that is a good sign, IMO!

Hi Savant

I have a C1 on my second machine(the one that does this stuff:-) which I do use occasionally for bits and pieces, and a UR824 on my studio machine, the 824 is the same as the 28 quality wise just with extra inputs I think. The advantage you would have with the UR28 is 1) The pre’s are better to my ears, not a lot in it but,also the firmware includes the Channel strip which is very nice and uses no CPU power plus the guitar amps,ditto re the cpu power. Plus the ability to control the Control Room routing and levels from within Cubase or with the dsp software. The C1 is OK but the UR is somehow more “Pro”. Hope this helps, only my opinion though:-)

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You haven’t given us much of a clue as to your needs; I was just wondering why the UR28M as opposed to the UR44?
The UR28M is perfect for a project or small-medium studio, but not especially great in terms of portability. The UR44 is more portable.
I’m not sure why, but the UR28M is the only member of the UR family which is kept to 96kHz SR while all the others are 192kHz. Also, the UR28M has no MIDI I/O whereas the UR22 and UR44 do.
Things to consider…

Thanks 4 the replys! Ill be using this set up for recording vox mostly and using multiple monitors for mixing, I liked the idea of the dsp effects but its not a deal breaker. I want a more detailed, warm sound. So far ive heard my pg27 and m audio sputnik thru my ci1 and I feel I can be getting more