UR28M - where is dspmixfx panel in cubase 5?

Hi - i’m confused - i’ve looked thru previous posts but can’t see a solution to my problems here. I set up the UR28M with cubase 5 but can’t see the dspmixfx panel anywhere in the devices menu. I can control most aspects thru the input settings window/audio hardware setup but surely if the virtual mixing desk is included in the software it should be accessible while using a DAW? however from what i understand from the manual they can only be run independently of each other or am i not understanding this correctly? (I can open the full mixer as long as cubase is closed). In terms of the steinberg software associated with the unit, while i can see and access the compressor/eq/reverb functions i can’t see the virtual guitar amp facility anywhere - anyone know where this is? And finally, when i export the audio out it’s not including the steinberg effects in the mixdown, i know it’s probably something simple but i just can’t see it. Apologies in advance for my ignorance - many thanks

Have you updated the drivers and firmware to the latest versions? The Amp sims are not on the usual installation disks and need to be installed with the firmware update - they will also require licensing, - but that should not be a problem, just means your eLcc software should also be up to date.
The DSPMixFX Application cannot be used when Cubase is running, The controls are embedded in the Hardware sections of the Inout channels. I had the UR28M originally working with Cubase 5.x and seem to remember everything working fine. I’ve since deinstalled C5 so can’t provide any more details in this respect. Perhaps someone who still has C5x or even C6x could provide a little more explanation in regard to the actual GUI.
You need to take the time to know your UR28M! The FX (i.e. Reverb) will not be included on the recorded tracks (there are plugins for that included!). The Channel strips and or Amp Sims should however be recordable.
Please take the Channel-Strip/Amp-Sim combination limitations into account!

Hi and many thanks for the reply - first things first, yes your right, i definitely need to get to know my unit :slight_smile: i’m fairly old school and am using an external card for the first time and in the past would have used a mixing desk and effects/compressor units looped into that before going into the DAW - i have a decent grasp of hardware and live setups but the routing and virtual setups in cubase and this card seem confusing to me. I ran the firmware/tools update accessed off the steinberg update section - i’m still running xp, (old school), so i downloaded from that section and the improvements seem limited for that version - from what i understand from the steinberg site i would need cubase 6 or higher to run the guitar plugins and i’m only on 5 and when i try to launch the REV-X plugins on a channel in cubase an outline of the plugin appears but there’s nothing inside so either it’s not supported by this version or there’s something wrong with my software - this happens before and after the upgrade so i can’t see what i can do at this point except upgrade to a higher version of cubase and a better operating system. I can however access the REV-X engines in the input settings window as well as the morphing facility and i can use this fine. I am still a bit confused about the external dspmixfx panel, if you can do everything in the DAW thru the input windows that the panel can do then what’s the point of it existing separately? and just as a learning exercise, can you tell me what setup steps you normally take in your recording process in terms of the dspmixfx panel, the input settings windows and the ins and outs in the mixer and explain it to me like i’m 6 years of age and i might just get it - it could be very helpful and save me a lot of time and grief - any input from anyone would be much appreciated, Regards

You do seem to be in that update conundrum that eventually befalls us all. At some point you have to decide if you want to move forward.
The standalone DSPMixFX application is for use with everything besides Cubase. E.g. I also have Pro-tools on the PC as well as on a Mac in the Studio, for this I have DSPMixFX installed on both systems. I also need to use this app when recording in WaveLab.
Apart from setting up the Channel Strip/Amp Sims to your taste, generally no special steps need be taken when recording other than defining perhaps the Phones 2 source in the Control Panel (when recording, in the same room, the UR28Ms Mute button will usually be engaged).

Ok, thank you - what i meant by the setup was advice on getting the optimal recording levels with the dspmixfx panel and the input/output level indicators on the UR28M - also the channel strip on the dspmixfx mixer for the DAW isn’t showing any activity, is this normal or do i have to connect something up? many thanks