UR28M - White Noise


I just got my UR28M. after setting up and installed (softwares) Im hearing white noise.

I checked all of the suggestions from the manual “Unusual Sound”
All knobs are @ 0.
White noise even after: a.) unplugging USB. b.)switching monitor outs to 1,2 and 3.
Raise output and noise gets louder.
@ 100% output (to hear the noise), press “Dim”, the noise dims, press “Mute”, the noise mutes, etc.
Noise disappears when i turn the device off.

is this normal? please help.
I read that someone resolved a similar issue by rolling back to a previous Yamaha Driver. How do i check or do this? :stuck_out_tongue:

any help is appreciated.

Same exact issue here. Following this thread.

… and nothing is plugged into the inputs correct?
What happens if you properly ground (using the provided grounding screw) the unit?

Nothing plugged in. Seems like digital noise and not a grounding issue. I clicked around in some of the settings in the Control panel, and it magically disappeared. Not sure which setting I clicked or what. Bizzarro.

I am having the exact same issue. Getting white noise even with USB unplugged and no inputs plugged in. Running the latest version of the firmware (just updated).

It doesn’t matter what the output level is set to, when I power off the UR28M the white noise stops.

My monitors are Focal Alpha 50’s and I am using a balanced TRS to XLR cable (BPBQXM10)

When you say you changed control panel settings, do you mean the ones in audio hardware setup?

I have this too. Anyone find any fixes?

I have a UR44 and the signal is clean. Other DACs also no issue. If this is just how the UR28m behaves as standard I will have to send it back.

Thread open for several years.

No response from Steinberg.

I have a new UR28M and the outputs hiss.

I think we must assume that this is normal (and quite abnormal) for this product.

If there is no official response here, I will be returning it.

I returned mine and stick with the UR44. Im really surprised it gets so well reviewed sounding like that.