UR28M will not connect to iPad

My set-up:

  • UR28M - flash upgraded to version 2.1.0.
  • iPad 2 - Version iOS 7.1.1 (latest available).
  • Genuine Apple USB Camera Connection adapter for iPad.

Connect everything together and…… nothing.

In dspMIXfx screen (on the iPad) the USB Icon in the upper right corner flashes continually.

“information” [ I ] screen of dspMIXfx shows:

dspMIXfx UR28M Ver 1.0.2
boot —
version —

Yes, the UR28M is turned ON (powered up). I press the power button until the LED lights bright. UR28M works just fine with my Windoze laptop.

I have tried powering on the UR28M before I power up the iPad \ during boot-up of the iPad and after the iPad is up and running.
No luck.

The USB cable works just fine connecting my UR28M to my laptop.
My iPad USB camera adapter works just fine with other USB devices.

I am stuck and completely out of ideas. What am I doing wrong??

Thanks in Advance,

Hi AshtonPage,

Have you turned the UR28M into Class Compliant mode?

Please take the following procedure to do so:

Turn on the device while holding down OUTPUT button C, and keep pressing the OUTPUT C button until an INPUT meter/OUTPUT meter flashes.

You can also find the description in the operation manual on page 31.

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

Works great !!

Many thanks.

Thanks thanks I was in the same spot. Now all working perfectly