UR28M Windows Mic Volume

I am still new to all this audio hardware and am figuring this out as I go. I’m using equipment a friend recommended to stream and record high quality vocals with OBS software.

I am using a UR28M with an NT1 Rode Mic. It sounds great. The problem is the output of either the Mic or the UR28M seems quiet. It’s like there’s a certain output volume it refuses to exceed. I have to adjust all my other audio channels in OBS to at least -8db for those tracks to not over power the Mic track. Turning the compressor off and on doesn’t seem to effect this. Turning the Mic gain knob up on the UR28M causes the Mic to peak on the UR28M but the volume in windows and OBS won’t go near peak. Is this normal or is there a setting to get the audio of the UR28M to be higher in windows? Also I already have the UR28M volume in windows set to 100.