UR44 + 2018 MacBook Pro

So I finally upgraded my equipment from an old 2008 Mac to a new MacBook Pro. I was using the Yamaha n12 with my old system but could not get it to work with the new MacBook…even after $100 of cables and adapters from apple! So I decided to move on and purchase another Steinberg product - the UR44. Excited to use it, I downloaded the new drivers and installed them according to specs. The unit is visible in device setup and I loaded in the I/O in the VST Connections. I’m using Cubase 6.5 which plays fine if it’s through the apple speakers but there is no audio coming through the audio jacks or outputs of the ur44. does anyone have any ideas of next steps for me? I’ve gone through a Mi|4 and a u12 and both of those pieces are now obsolete! I just wish something would be easy with Steinberg!

Did you buy it new? Mine came with another Cubase AI key. I entered it on the website and it was for Cubase AI 10. My UR22 came with 7 back in the day. I suppose it’s always activating the current version.

Maybe try that? My UR44 works fine on my iMac Pro