UR44 Additional inputs question

Hello-I am considering a Steinberg UR-44 but I want make sure I understand the function of the Line In inputs on the back of the unit. It is my understanding that a external source such as a mixer can be fed into these inputs. If not, is there a way to add additional sources i.e. microphones to this unit? Thanks to all for any answers

these two inputs on the back of the device are ment for things like you described: input signals from external mixers, or any other devices such as signals from a radio, tv or something else. a disadvantage of these two inputs are that they got no volume knob, to scale the volume of the incoming signals, and that is now important for your question. you can´t interact with these two inputs as professional ones like these, on the frontside. when you connect a condenser mic with an special adapter for that purpose to one of these inputs, you´ll get no signal, because there´s no phantom power availible on these two ones and even not a volume-knob to scale the incoming signal in volume. and even if you use one of these (or both) to plug a guitar into the device, you´ll maybe get a sound, but you ain´t got a hi-z switch, which is very important for the purpose to connect guitar or bass to an audio-interface.

raz cozyr said it all (more than I understand) but from another angle: You have 4 front inputs so why do you need more?

do you already got Cubase Pro 8.5?, i really recommend for purposes that you may want, to got more than just 2 or in your case 4 inputs, for you to take a look at the Ultimate Cubase Recording Package. it got the Cubase 8.5 Pro and the UR824. i´ve bought this one, and i´m very glad with this. for a really good price, you get here Cubase Pro 8.5 and UR824 together, which are cost separetly worlds more. here: http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/audio_interfaces/ur_series/bundles/ultimate_cubase_recording_pack.html

but when you not want to spend so much money to this. the UR22 is also a very good audio-interface, handy and good sound procession. for some reason i´ve bought the UR22 Production Studio, too. because i want to have a audio-interface, which is really more handy, mobile and better to place on your producing surface and i´ve thought it´s better to get one professional microphone more with it, in a price-reduced bundle. with it you get also WaveLab LE and another Cubase Version: Cubase Elements 8. and by the way it helps an Africa foundation, with one package of the UR22 Production Studio you bought, one child can get eat and alimentation for one month.
so, i really recommend this one.