UR44 Also Low Frequency Noise


I have purchased a Steinberg UR44 Audio Interface a week ago.

I think it works stably on my Windows system Desktop.

But I’ve noticed a strange effect on the Input.

When I monitor the inputs, there seems to be a litte amount of Low Frequency Noise.

And it exists regardless if anything is plugged in or not, phantom power on or off, and gain up or down…

:frowning: I will attach the capture image of Frequency Analyzer. You can see that UR44 is making a Low Freq Noise.

How shoud I do? Is it normal? if not, should I exchange the product?

And I also have noticed that some UR22 users have same effect… Umm Please check my attached img and

give me a advice. I hope that the Steinberg tech support team would be check this thread.

Thank you and good bye

This is normal. I have actually checked the results with that plug-in, a UR44 and a RME Fireface UFX and they show almost the same curve. Keep in mind that it is still analogue and not a digital zero.

I have discovered the same issue in my UR44.
There is a signal on all inputs, although no cable connected and gain level is set to the left most position. The same occurs on the main outs btw, you can clearly hear (silently) music playing through loudspeakers, although the output gain is set to zero.
I had opened a ticket and was told this is a defect and I should send it for repair. Then I discovered this forum entry and asked Steinberg support if it’s a defect or not by referring to this forum entry. Unfortunately I have not received an answer.
I would like to understand if it’s a defect or not. I am attaching a screenshot from Cubase, which clearly shows the signal (EQ curve) - I have added pre gain for better demonstration.
UR44 input signal - no cable.jpg