UR44 and aggregate device problems OSX

Argh - it appears as the UR44 is not playing nice as an aggregate device in Cubase.

It shows up in Audio/Midi prefs in my aggregate device setup - it shows up in Cubase, but unless UR44 is selected as my audio device, and not the aggregate device setup (I have 2 FW mixers also) it does not show up in the rack as a hardware device where I can change settings.

Has anyone had any luck using this as an aggregate device in OSX? I bought is specifically to use as a effects send and return for a couple of hardware effects, but if I can’t get it to work it’s going back. So frustrating.

Plus dspmix does not work when Cubse is running, so I have no way to control it like that either.



Am I seriously the only person with this issue?

I have a feeling this item will be going up for sale soon…

dspmix will not work when Cubase is running. When Cubase is running and I am using an Aggregate device (Mac OSX 10.7.5) there is no way to control the UR44 within Cubase.

I love my UR44. It’s Cubase that gives me a headache. I use it with Logic instead. Works great.

I am a PC user so have no idea how this looks on a Mac. However, i can say that DspMix is not meant to be used when running Cubase. You should be able to control all necessary functions of the UR44 from within Cubase itself. Sorry I can’t be of more help and maybe another Mac user will jump in to help point you in the right direction.


Stevo… :slight_smile:

In OS X Mavericks – I have used the UR44 + Roland Quad-Cpature and it it worked as expected - no problems. I used it to transfer old TSR-8 15" reels to Cubase 7.5 . (I really wish windows / asio supported this)