UR44 and Cubasis

Anyone who has both the UR44 and Cubasis on the iPad might be able to advise me on this:

I would like to run 4 mono tracks from the Cubasis app via the UR44’s line outputs. It seems to me that it’s possible to specify hardware outputs in Cubasis from recent updates, but I can’t tell whether the UR44’s line outputs can be run as seperate mono channels or are locked as stereo pairs…

Reason for this is to run a set of mono tracks live to an external desk for further control and manipulation - and, further, if possible, to run a stereo mix (not a composite of the mono tracks but an additional two tracks) through the main stereo output in addition to using the 4 line outputs - like, for example, an MPC1000…

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I tested my iPad 2 with Cubasis 1.7 and I can confirm that all 4 mic inputs are available after creating a new audio track. I will be testing soon 4 mics at once tomorrow.

Hi rimshot51, thanks for that… I was actually wondering about the output routing rather than the inputs, if you can let me know whether they can be independently assigned?

Will do tonight.

I hooked up outputs 3,4,5 and 6 to an external mixer.

In Cubasis, I assigned a stereo drum track to outputs 1&2.
To get mono output 3 or 4 I had to pan hard left and right.

Cubasis displays output options in stereo pairs: 1&2 and 3&4. Outputs 1&2 are hard wired to the main stereo out.
I sent the stereo drum mix to outputs 1&2.
I sent the bass to outputs 3&4 and panned it to the left.
I sent the guitar to outputs 3&4 and panned it to the right.
I could not monitor through the UR-44 the outputs 3&4 once I assigned them to those outputs.
In the external mixer, it picked up all 4 outputs very well and they were all very clean.

Hope that helps others.

Thanks Rimshot51, that’s exactly what I wanted to know. You’ve been very helpful.