UR44 and Dorico 2

I purchased Dorico a little over a year ago. Every time I try to use it all my scores are drenched in reverb though I have no reverb assigned to any of the instruments. I can only assume it is coming from the UR44 and not Dorico. I have sent my scores to others and they hear things as intended so the problem does not lie with Dorico. When I use Cubase 11 or even Sibelius I do not have this issue. Is there a parameter within Dorico that I’m overlooking that is causing this. It is impossible to work in Dorico and I’ve really wanted to learn this program.
I’m on and iMac just for the record.

The ur44 has dsp onboard and most likely is responsible for the reverb you hear. Together with the driver installation comes a little program called dspmixfx. Launch that one and check in the mixer that you then see the reverb send level.

Unless I’m missing something (which being legally blind is not hard to do( the sends are completely off. And this only occurs in Dorico. Sibelius is normal as is Cubase. It’s been driving me mad for over a year now.

What does it show when you switch to MIX2 at the almost top-right?
Also, could you please load into Dorico a project and then do Help > Create Diagnostics Report?
The corresponding zip file please post here. Thanks