UR44 and monitoring volume while recording

Here’s my configuration: PC w/Windows 7, Cubase 6. UR44 takes output from Mackie mixer at Inputs 3&4. UR44 outputs 1&2 are primary stereo outputs. Guitar DI box connected to input on mixer, with signal to the UR44 input controlled as an aux out.

Here is the operation: Monitoring several tracks previously recorded. Playing guitar part and recording to another track.

Here’s the problem: It appears that everything flowing to the UR44 inputs is routed to the outputs, as well as the DAW. The impact of this is that the guitar signal, which I strive to maintain at a high level while recording it, overwhelms the audio level of the existing tracks being monitored. There appears to be no way to independently control the guitar audio level, since the input signal from the guitar is automatically routed to the Mix1 and Mix2 outputs of the UR44.

I hope I am missing something, and that someone can patch me into a solution.

I managed to fix my problem using the DSPMix program provided with the UR44. I use Cubase 6, so it was necessary to run the DSPMix program separately and create separate mixes (Mix1 & Mix2) on the UR44. Mix1, set up as the primary stereo output in Cubase, covered all the existing program material and did not include the inputs on which I wish to record. Mix2, set up as the Studio output in Cubase, includes only the recording inputs, with no existing program material. I now have specific and separate audio control of the instrument being recorded, through the Studio output, and the existing recorded tracks, via the main stereo output.